Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

We had to go to town today and beside our one stop was a JoAnn's Fabrics -AND- it was black Friday. So DH dropped me off while he hunted a parking space. I told him that I only wanted to check on the flannel to see IF any of it was left -AND- how much the cost was.

I knew where they kept the flannel and my eyes were scanning for it and checking for the price. I had heard 3.00 a yard -BUT- low and behold -my eyes could hardly believe it ! It was 1.29 a yard - AND- there was still oddles to choose from. That was when I started wishing I had made a list ??? But I really did not think it would be anything but picked overs?Goes to show how wrong I was.

DH had found a parking spot and followed me in. While I was checking the first isle I asked him to peek around the corner and see IF there was any over there? My heart was doing flip flops at what I was seeing - I thought , well- there is enough here for the gals -Until - DH said the next isle and the next one . I asked him IF he saw anything for the guys and he started picking . I think he might be better at this than I was. Then he helped me round them all up. A sweet gal who worked there brought us a cart-just goes to show -that I did not grab a cart -because I did not think there was going to be anything interesting.

She was so nice and funny - she picked up a flannel with monkeys and bananas on it and said, You might like this on to do HIM a pair because he can drive you bananas! LOL  I thought that was a funny thought and knew it would make a memory , so I took it too! LOL

There was the neatest young man at the cutting table ! I Really liked him , he was kind and knowable and quick  - just a perfect 10! :) We was talking about the flannel and I showed him one Really soft piece and he said that would be perfect for the back of a quilt and that he had just finished one! I was really impressed with this youngest now. :)

We came home and I crammed all the flannel into the washer and dryer while I went out and did evening chores . Time always flies by and I am still not up to par from what ever that was yesterday. My ear is making weird noises and I am wondering IF that has something to do with it and my stomach is being queasy? ?

Finally I went to grab things out of the dryer and this was what I found!

I think I have a "flannel pie"! Gosh! I hate when it does that. I don't know IF I have the strength to unwrap all of that OR just leave it until tomorrow because I will have to iron them any which way???? :)

Love to all and have a great weekend!


  1. OMG!! Only $1.29 a yard. How good was that and so many nice designs to choose from too. Love the idea of making PJ's for DH out of the monkey fabric. LOL
    It does look like a flannel pie.Don't you hate that !!

  2. Yes you got a real deal. Hope you are feeling better soon!