Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day & The Naked Shirt

Hump day means that we are generally half way through our week and headed down the stretch and since we are headed down -it is suppose to lighten up some? Well I don't know if it lightens up any -but it sure does seem like it flys away even faster?

I managed to get up and get rolling while DH was gone hunting-good thing the deer were hiding so good. :) I came in and started on a green knit fabric for my "dear" friend who had sent me some nice knits. She had heard me moaning and groaning all the way to Tenn. about the embroidery machine that hates me and she said I could make her shirt and not embroider on it -but send it to her and she will see how it and her embroidery machine would act together.

The closer I get to finishing it -I feel like I am making her a "NAKED " tee shirt???????????????????  Goes to really show that I think the designs are the icing on the cake - errrrr - shirt!:) I guess I would wear a "gunny-sack" if I had to as long as it had DESIGNS on it. :)

DH took me to my counseling this afternoon. I thought it was a very good visit and that I had made some progress. I had started to have a horrific dream from my past haunting me at night and it was one of those things that seems almost impossible to live through once -but - then to have it show up later in life and have to go through it again seems Doubly painful to me.  It is amazing how things can show up and break your heart again- I got the feeling it was kinda like a splinter that gets in your skin and it goes for a period of time - and then it festers and has to have a way to set it free? She is such a wonderful counselor and such a wonderful human being - and I am so grateful to her. She knows I Hate the cold and she knows how I love PollyAnna and the glad game - Micki  does too! It was a movie about a little girl who always found something to be glad about when everything seemed wrong. My counselor told me that afternoon that in a few weeks -in Dec. - will be the shortest day in the year and then we are heading toward Summer once again -so instead of saying I hate Winter - I guess I can change that to " O BOY - heading back towards Summer once again! :)


  1. I feel sorry for you heading into winter.. though I am starting to think summer is not that great either... particularly when I keep getting blasted hot flushes!
    I am feeling soooooo crabby right now.. I'm too hot! Send me some of your coldness k?
    I think that shirt looks naked too!
    I hope my hot flushes stop soon... I'm told we are all different in how long they last. Just my luck they will last for the next 10 years!

  2. AM I hearing right, that you made the T-shirt? How neat is that!! Hey, thanks for stopping in at "Happy Days" - hope you enjoyed your visit and will stop by again! I left you a little note on there, probably should have left it here...debbie