Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Trying! :)

I got up early this A.M. when DH was going out, the door to go deer hunting with a friend. I thought I would eat a bite but DH had taken the flashlight with him & that prevented me from seeing the apples on the tree in the front yard for my oatmeal. So I got lucky as I decided to sneak in the sewing room .

It was all dark & I did not wake Mr. Brother PE-700II Embroidery Machine . Instead I told myself that I would work with the sewing machine & the serger. I just did not trust awakening Mr. Brother PE700II-afraid he might just turn the other two against me?

I knew I had about an hour before daylight and I could accomplish a lot in that time frame. Christmas time is flying by & I still have a lot to accomplish!

O, NO- while I had my back turned pinning in hems -Mr. Brother Must have put a bug in Mr. Janome' s ear because now he will not sew???? Instead he keeps giving me a 6Lerror & I cannot find that in my manual . If only he could just speak English, so I could discover what is wrong??? Maybe I should just go get my apple and my oatmeal? Maybe Janome just  needs a little nap to get back in the game?????

OK, dishes are done & my tummy is happy. I also had a consultation with Janome & it turned out it is a bobbin glitch. The bobbin thread is very low and the needle thread wrapped around the bobbin-I think my machine team is trying to complete Christmas by Wrapping things up early! :)

Well shoot! I had more than enough bobbin thread to finish-But- the thread in the bobbin got all tyed up! Acting like a bunch of children!

I managed to get all the parts back where they were meant to be and even filled a new bobbin. Somehow I managed to get this design sewed out and I am a happy camper.The first one in I cannot remember when! YEA! I thought I was really making progress -RIGHT- I should have known better because I spent the rest of the evening attempting to download a design so I could sew it out and I tried every trick in the book - I just could not sweet talk that design into co-operating with me!I had got 2 more from there and they work just find! Shoot! It feels like three steps forward and two steps back!

We have had a really wicked -Wind- day today. That wind has really been whipping , I am glad it was in the 50's today or that wind would have run right through you. I did get all my outdoor chores completed and when DH came in from hunting I fixed him a pot-pie and some sweet beans. We were stuffed !You would think we were kin to the bears - getting ready to hibernate and putting on fat to keep up warm -Hahahahahaa!:)Maybe tomorrow will be more successful because the company said they will try sending me that design by e-mail and see what happens - OR - maybe I was just holding my nose wrong and tomorrow will make a big difference!
Love to All and hope you do not blow away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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