Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish I had learned so much of this while I was younger.

They say you cannot teach an old dog -new tricks ! Well this old dog wishes that I could have learned sewing when I was young!When I was young - sewing was going out of style . It was too old fashioned.But it was alive in me -like my heart beating so silent , yet still there alive.

Then when I got lucky enough to meet my mentor it was like a new birth for me! What a wonderful experience! I must add that when I discovered the wonderful world of  blogging I was inspired too. When this world opened I met the most wonderful friends and got to see the creativity of others. It is truly amazing the talent that is in our world.

 Today was quiet a day. It is blue blazing cold and winds whipping up to 70 mph , so strong that it feels like it will blow you away . Still there was snow flying all around us. They say we might lose our electricity between the winds and the ice on everything.

This morning I planned to work on a project and I hopped on the "puter" to search for a design, but along the way I had to look in my e-mails and I ran across a President's Day Sale at a fabric store I have been admiring! That was my Downfall!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been watching them for several months -checking out what was on sales and one time I almost bought something  , but I hesitated until the next day and when I had decided I should do it - It was all gone! So, it is just like looking in a store - if you want it - you better grab it!Lesson learned! LOL

But this time when I typed in knits ! They were on sale! Soooo ALL DAY I have been drooling and searching and trying to find out which way I should go with my sale coupons???Finally after ALL day! I have discovered that this type of shopping when you set over age 50 is very trying for the older body. I took a bathroom break and almost could not get out of my chair!But, I kept coming back for more- I was mesmerized  with dreams of new projects ?????So, I decided to take a gamble and go for it. When I had paid for my knits I noticed that they had several specials for quilters????Maybe some of you need to be inspired - it doesn't cost anything to LOOK???? humm- maybe that depends upon your age??? It might cost some aches and pains. LOL  If you purchase 35.00 worth the shipping is FREE - how I enjoy that word. LOL  Take a spin and see what dreams your eyes behold. ~smile~ At least I have found a way to ignore the wind and the snow and the ice and the dangers

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