Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

     I had this piece of camo knit that I caught on sale when our local Hancocks Fabrics closed. I was so grateful because between my DH and my youngest son - camo is always appreciated. I had made DH a shirt like this back in Nov. His other "lucky hunting shirt" was just threads hanging together , probably because it was about 15 years old and had been through every deer season every year. His brother had given him his first shirt and of course over the span of time not only was it way past worn out - it was also the wrong size and he would have to pour himself into it it. So, I went ahead and had him one to have to hunt in. Then a couple of weeks ago he showed me the shirt I had given to him and it was absolutely covered in little tiny holes???? 

It made me think of when I was little and Mama had hung up her laundry to dry outside. That evening she went to take it in and her entire laundry was just riddled with tiny holes. It turned out that my Dad had done some shooting in the back yard and some of his bullets had ricocheted off  of a really large rock and found Mama's laundry. LOL 
     I realized that I had another little piece of the camo fabric so I went ahead and cut out one for my DH. Today was the day I finally got it sewed together . Yea! I think I want to give it to him for Christmas 2010. I have been thinking of going ahead and wrapping it ???? That would be neat to have my first Christmas present completed.

    You know , I REALLY miss that Hancock's Store. It was the kind of store that held magic for me - possibilities unlimited and the staff were ALWAYS so kind and helpful - it was like you were at home and surrounded by friends.

     This is a close-up of the design that I put on it because the last time he asked me to put something on the front  so he would be able to tell which was the front and which was the back.

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  1. OK... I just have to say it... Do you EVER stop sewing?????
    And just how many shirts have to made now???