Thursday, February 25, 2010

My DH's first car

     Well, you have to start somewhere -so I picked out a design of the first car that he ever had-I was so thrilled to find such a design. As I stitched it out - I had such High hopes of completing a  really nice project - IF only I had known - I should have known that it is so easy for me to get in trouble. First stage it was going nicely -I knew it would be successful because DH was going out doors to cut a load of firewood and I would have quiet to work in. NOT~ He came right back in the house and said it was too cold and too windy to cut wood , that he just wanted to stay in the house today.:(
     I knew I would have to keep it hidden as I worked on it . The first request was,"I"m hungry" will you fix some venison and gravy??? So , I trotted off and filled his belly  and cleaned up some of the mess and he went to watch TV. I trotted off and completed my design . I was pleased , I had not killed this one-so far?
     I started with the shoulders and then "Honey" (you do know that is a Code word - don't you) will you come in here and fix my computer? This went on until almost dark and I was trying to hem the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt -when -not DH - but the SERGER ! Started complaining and went completely out of adjustment! It started making the lettuce edge (which I normally love on my shirts - BUT - NOT on a man's tee shirt!!!!!!! For the next hour we fussed and fussed and I was beginning to think the serger was going to win!Let's just say that I have it sewed together and I did try to IRON the hem to set the stitches and pray that they would lay flat.

     Let's just say I got it sewed together , and the design is of his first car. I am hoping it will be a happy memory for him.!

     I do think I will have to wrap these shirts up so he will not "snoop" and find them before his birthday in April. Hummmmm? This makes two finished and I have one more tomorrow and I hope to finish it and have better luck - hoping that Mr. Serger will decide to "play nice" tomorrow and let me accomplish my goal.
     Our weather here in VA. was Cold today with a whipping wind that goes right through you.

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