Monday, February 8, 2010

February this and that!

This is a picture of the "soil control" from our local building supply store. I have found it to have so many different uses.Here I am using it in my embroidery , but I have also discovered that it is wonderful to trace patterns over on because you can see the pattern and it is so light weight and when you fold it to put back in your pattern envelope it hardly takes up any space at all. 

We had a lot of running today and the day just disappeared right before my eyes. When I got to sneak off to the sewing room my mind was all jumbled about what project could I tackle that I could complete in the short time I had left. I scrolled through all of my designs until I saw this cat with attitude and since I had "cat friends" I thought that would be appropriate. I have also discovered that these book marks are an excellent way to test out a design and yet not waste the test

For instance on this kitty if you look closely (it is hard to see) that on the two back legs one side got funky and did not outline the leg like it was suppose to. I think this machine has a mind of its own sometimes????

We made it through a day without snow! I can hardly believe it. They say we might get two more inches tomorrow. Maybe I will get to sew tomorrow ? Hope, Hope! It already feels like Christmas is right around the corner -well - if you think about it - it is already just 11 months to Christmas??? .

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