Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Shirt for my brother-in-law for Christmas. :)

Merry Christmas to me - merry Christmas to me-Merry Christmas !!! I enjoy Christmas all year long as I work on projects for my brood to make their day special . That is the one day that we all try to have - just to enjoy each other. O, except for DH's sister and her hubby -they live in W.VA. and we like to go out and spend most of the day - the week before . OOO , and of course the presents ! LOL But you see - their presents that they give are handcrafted too! And when you have a gift that some one created for you -that is the greatest gift -because you have a piece of them to take with you. Two years past Eddie gave us the most beautiful two story birdhouse!We put it at our pond and have enjoyed it so much because  a family of bluebirds come each summer ! How great is that!
   Eddie built them a "light-house" birdhouse. It is taller than I am and he even put a light in the top and a little handrail around the top of it. Well, last Summer a robin came and decided she wanted a nest on the top (not inside) but on the top corner with the handrail and the light. She and her mate raised their little brood right there!
   So this shirt in the picture is for Eddie . I have actually got it cut out and embroidered -sewed together and working on hemming the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. My brother-in-law is not only a wonderful person - but in my eyes he is a hero because he served in Desert Storm. I thing all of our people in the service are heroes - putting their lives on the line to keep our country the home of the brave.I decided many years ago that when it comes to war that the two leaders should just go out and duke it out with their fists ! That seems a lot more fair to me instead of killing off our children. But that might be the reason that I am not a leader- :)

OK - time to iron it to help set the stitches and the design. I am still learning about Knits! This one was all cotton and one of the pieces that I ordered from Fabric. com and I really like it. It has a soft feel to it-but for some reason the stitches make it want to ripple???

Well , I completed it . I even made the sleeves 3 inches longer like they told me to do compared to the one from last Christmas.
Now - I even have it wrapped and put in the Christmas tote. Yea ! Sounds good, but we are already 2 months into our new year and I only have two gifts to show for it! This ole granny must not move as fast as she used to. LOL


  1. Oh that is a lovely shirt! I'm glad you make yourself some too!

  2. Well done. Can't believe you are into making your Xmas gifts already.

    I wish Eddie was my BIL as I LOVE birdhouses and yours sound gorgeous. You will have to put them on your post.

  3. What a lovely embroidered cardigan you made! You are amazing that you are making XMAS gifts already.