Thursday, February 11, 2010

Instant Gratification ???

     This is the second day I have worked on the fleece jacket for one of my grandsons, whose birthday will be this coming Monday and after today I have learned even more respect for Quilters - they are in their projects for the long haul. Yesterday I spent cutting all the pieces out and today I spent figuring out the use of designs and trying to make them all line up ??? Then I almost forgot to use a "topper" so the designs would not sink down into the fleece

     This is the design that a wonderful friend digitized for me with his name. As I sewed out the first name I absolutely fell in love with it   - to me it looks like a work of art and I am so very proud of it. It's hard to believe that those squiggles  spell the name Ronald???????

..     I am so pleased to see that I am making progress. I am trying to remember a tip a friend gave me - "STAY IN THE MOMENT?" But it is hard for me to do with my "rabbit " personality that loves to be hopping around in my mind as I am doing something else - which I usually mess up while letting my mind take a trip on its own!
     But we can see that I actually got the two names at the top and they lined up pretty even . Then I came down and got ready to do a dragon design.! HOPING being the key word here.

      Well , Bust My Britches!!!! I almost have a dragon and he is starting to look very handsome and such a nice complement to the Scripts.

     Moving right along! For a minute I just froze - attempting to see , in my mind's eye how to line the name on both sleeves??????? I know I was not "born yesterday" - but sometimes it sure does feel like it. But I laid out the sleeve to find the center top ????

      I really do like the nice bright letters - I am hoping this is what he had in mind?? Sometimes my "Mind-Reader Skills" need a little "dusting off!"

     Hummmmm? Well, the last name is on and they really look like they are lining up very nicely!I must be "on a roll"!  Thanks to my "higher guidance" for helping guide me!

     Here I have laid out the two sleeves trying to gauge the position coming down the sleeves! HOPE! HOPE!

      Well this is the end of the road for me today! I actually have two sleeves completed and they look like they will line up nicely! I am getting tired and I do not want to start making mistakes this late in the game. I am pleased that I managed to complete this much work on top of the laundry , cleaning up all of my puppies messes , fixing meals and doing dishes and we went to the drug store to get DH meds refilled  and then stopped at the store and got a few groceries. Man, time sure does fly !
       I must be one of those people who enjoys "instant satisfaction" because even though I am making progress - it aggravates me to take so long on a project. I like to get it done and over with so I can move on to the next project. '
     I have to remind myself that I am so lucky to have people I love and the ability to create things for them to make them feel special.

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  1. You are a totally clever tart!!! And I love the dragon.