Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Lovely Saturday

     Remember when I ordered fabric from ? Well , here it is and the box weighs 33 pounds,but it even feels heavier. Wish I could find my dumb scales? That is another case of "put it up to keep it safe"-but the only one it is safe from -is me! ~smile~ Well, I will just have to start washing all these LOVELY knits , just to make sure what I make from them will not shrink up on the new owner and hopefully will last for a while!

     So, while I am washing and drying I had that piece of green left over from the green kitty shirt . It has a Lycra feel to it and I will attempt some more work gloves for DH.

     I get them all cut out and "thinking I will be smart" - I decide to make front and back of the gloves with a double layer on each side. Surely that will be warmer -since those fleece gloves did not pass for DH. Turned out my baby son liked them more than Dad did?? That really tripped  my trigger. LOL  I would Never thought he would have even took a second look at them . Makes me think of : If I Make them - They Will Come! LOL

      This is the finished pair and I trot off to find my "guinea pig"??? I cannot believe my rotten luck. They fit his good hand and still a rotten fit for the crippled hand? He even accuses me of cutting the pattern down smaller to make them "not fit" . Men! "snort!"
     SOOOO - as a test I go back and cut out one more glove and sew it up as a single layer???? Yep - it works a lot better on his crippled hand.  Darn it, -Guess I missed that "Designer Boat" when it came in! He is still hanging onto one of the first pair that I made him for Christmas -they were a dark green . They have really had a hard life???
     I am beginning to think I will have to stick with the single layer - because he can pull and stretch them over his crippled hand-but it worries me that his hands would get cold faster and that was why I was tying the double layer to keep him warmer. But the double layer just will not stretch like the single layer???? I sure am glad they don't make you take tests in order to purchase your sewing supplies or I would be in deep trouble!
     Our day here was very nice - up to 40 degrees - so we are having a heat wave - OR maybe my down under friends have found a way to "PIPE" that heat  up here ,to take some of the heat away from them! O boy - I will sure take it! Now, if only we did not have to have SO Much Mud! Yuck!  And tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer than today. HUMM? -wonder if that means Spring is trying to sneak in???? ~smile~
Of course heat and ice mean water and water means -big mess - with lots of water everywhere. Humm? We might all have to get in touch with Chris from Diet Coke Rocks . She is making the cutest little ducks and DUCKs Love water????  Humm? Ducks and Heat from New Zealand - sounds like a good deal to me!

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  1. You can keep the mud! Imagine Griffin in it all ! Ikkkkk.
    It is darn hot here, but I spent all weekend at the beach... BLISS!
    I hope you finally figure out how to make your hubby's gloves warmer?