Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A purple kitty????

Cats are known for doing things the way they want to - not in being trained like a dog. Dogs live to please their owners -but cats work hard to train their owners!

Well , this cat had a plan I had not  planned for. From the moment this kitty had her face -she had a mind of her own???????
This piece of fabric was left from doing that other lavender birthday shirt for my friend. I really need a couple of long sleeve shirts and I thought this might be the perfect time to use up that piece of fabric AND get me a shirt in the progress.

That was until I went to try it on???????? I know my guardian angel had to be somewhere laughing at me because the shirt did not fit me - but it would fit another girlfriend perfectly! SOOOOOO - no shirt for me -but a Christmas present completed . Now all I have to do is wrap it and be ready for Christmas! LOL
See, sometimes my guardian angels have a great sense of humor and a higher purpose than just me. Either way, that suits me just fine. ~smile~

It was another nice day here in VA. and we still have LOTS of mud and lots of water. My DH went out to cut us a load of wood - since he was having trouble getting to the woods to cut with all this snow and ice. But this time he got there - but with all this mud - it broke loose and he and his truck went sliding over a bank and it was stuck. We are so lucky because we have a wonderful neighbor who doesn't mind helping anybody and he came with his big tractor and saved the day. Angels certainly do come in all sizes . LOL

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  1. What a shame the shirt didn't fit you, it's pretty.