Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blue Fish Laptop Sleeve

This was one of those days when everything I lay my hand to goes wrong , so I knew I would have to take things carefully . I picked out the size of the sleeve that I wanted to try which was 18 x 13. I was really wanting to "get it right" because I love blue. The liner fabric I had picked up to put a liner in a vest for a grandson.I really do like it because it is easy to sew and it is nice and slick. I got brave this time and decided to put a pocket in the liner this time.So far - so good~Of course I am back to blunders - when I was sewing the bottom of the liner so I could turn everything right side out and I discovered that I had sewn the bottom - BUT had not sewn it together. I now had a tube instead of a liner closed at the bottom. Thank goodness it was a Big redo! Just a tiny one!

I did not have to resew so many things this time. I kept calming myself and telling me to stay "in the Moment". You know that is really hard for all of us "multi-taskers"!!!

Here it is showing the blue liner inside and the envelope closure. 

Here is a shot inside showing the pocket I stuck in there. I have learned one thing . That IF I had put a snap closure that when people go through metal detectors it would set the alarm off. So, since I do not have any metal components they do not have to worry about that. I am so happy that I actually pulled it off. But , I also know that I still have a lot to learn about fitting these puzzle pieces together and how people actually use these sleeves?????

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! We still have LOTS of snow and the birds have flocked to our feeder. There are four pair of cardinals , one blue jay, a handful of chickadees, little juncos and  some titmouse sweeties ! They are all so precious .Maybe we humans could "learn" some neato tips from them?
You know - like don't worry about things that you cannot change and stay "in the moment" .


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment ... my problem is that it's the ones I love SO MUCH that are hurting me! (my 4 eldest children)
    I cannot disconnect from them, or the issue that is causing so much angst.
    But I will try to concentrate on the good things.. my husband, my little grandkids, and the two sons I have who are no involved in this family fiasco ... who I know love me with all their hearts.

    Thank you for caring. Wish I had idiot little chickens to watch! lol

  2. Well done. I will have a beautiful day thank you. I am off for my swim now. Seems strange with you having snow.
    Would love to see some photos of your lovely birds.

  3. I always love your posts and love to see what you are up to but that last part about the birds and not worrying about things we cannot change was meant just for me. Thank you.