Friday, February 5, 2010

Laptop sleeve lesson

     I have learned some more lessons. One of them being that when I switch projects I have a problem of researching it. I wanted to tackle another laptop sleeve but I had to research all of these different sizes. Then after I had some sizes to ponder I had to figure out which design I would like to try? That took all day yesterday. Then I learned when that white stuff is flying out of the sky and it doesn't stop it sure can distract your mind??????? Everytime DH comes back in the house from using his ATV to clear us some paths - it just about covers his tracks within a very short time. I sure am dreaming of Spring -Or-AM I?????/ Right now we have a warm house (thanks to DH cutting the wood and feeding the stove) We have soup on the stove and still have our electricity . We have our health and that is a precious gift to me.We have all of our precious "furbabies " to love on . I never get "cabin -fever" like some folks do . Probably because I have so many wonderful things to do with myself and I have my e-buddies to visit with and they mean the world to me - just another side of my precious family.Maybe I just think I wish I had Spring??? After Spring comes there is so much more work and the possibilities of Spring storms and flooding . At the moment I think I am quiet content and just wish every body could be as blessed.

     I did cut out the lining fabric and this time I am practicing a pocket inside just in case someone might want to poke something down in there!

This is the design that I picked to play with.

 Finally I just got SOOO tired that my mind gave up. I laid out the sleeve and the lining and the flap with its lining . I studied it for a while like you would a puzzle ????? Then I realized I was just so tired that I would have to quit before I made a disaster of the project. I wanted SOOOO bad to have another finished project under my belt. They say good things come to those who wait - so I will wait and with some rest under my belt things might look different - you know - just fall into place like I hope they will.

I have learned that when I have my list of projects to work on - it helps me to move along. But when I have finished a project I feel kinda lost for a while until I figure out which I want to tackle next.?????
Maybe tomorrow I can figure out which way to  put this project together "successfully"! LOL

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  1. WOW that laptop cover is to die for!!!!
    I hope your spring does NOT bring floods!
    I like being cosy at home too, your mention of soup has made me hanker to put on a huge pot full myself!