Friday, February 12, 2010

The Third Day of Lessons.

Some days are just "sewing challenged"! I worked hard in the house today and fed the DH because he worked hard cutting firewood. Every time I headed to the sewing room - I got sidetracked and the day just got away from me . But I do have lots of clean laundry and dishes.

But , finally late in the evening I made it to my accomplished goal ! Yea! So, I spend a hour chasing down two designs that I need and do some modifying to fix my space that I need. Making good progress and very grateful that it is coming together. I am intending to place two dragons on the front of the jacket -one looking up and the other one looking down .

I get the first one in place and about a third of the way into the project - it breaks a needle!!!!!! O NO!  I dig out my needles and replace it , but cannot find the pieces of the broken needle - I know that is a bad sign and sure enough the machine has a conniption. I tear it all down and study the problem. The race and the needle are locked out of position and every time the needle comes down it runs into the bobbin race.! I knew this was going to be bad. But, DH passes through and sees me "simmering" with steam coming out of my ears because I can see my birthday present for the grandson is not going to get finished by Monday IF I cannot pull this project off.

SO, I fiddle and then DH fiddles and I load up and try again! Then the first two stitches and the lost broken needle point jumps up and shows itself ! Yea! Now the machine runs the quietest  I have ever heard it run!
So, now that it is after midnight I actually have the two front pieces embroidered and I am pooped! Straining my wee little brain is very tiring!

I know this makes the third day of working on this project , but most of the major work is finished and I am HOPING that by tomorrow I can get the pieces sewed together! HOPE< HOPE!

I can also say that I have had a lovely day (since I got some sewing in!) and I have accomplished a lot! I am grateful for all of my blessings . I am so thrilled to have a sewing room  of my own. I think I have only had this dream for approximately 3 years now and while it may be small - at least everything is close at hand.

And tomorrow I hope to complete the jacket!So good night to all!


  1. *sigh*... I wish for a proper sewing room... and one day.. in about 10 years I might just get it. Just have to wait until Brylee or Griffin leave home. GOD HELP anyone if they drop off another baby and leave it here.... grrrrrr!
    I am glad you managed to fix the problem with the broken needle... it would have been the pits if you couldn't fix it! I know I hate not being able to sew when I want to.

    I AM A GODDESS ya know! A big glorious GODDESS... thanks . *smiles*

  2. Your sewing room sounds wonderful. As we are in a cottage,my sewing table is in the living room and I have a craft area in another part of the cottage. It sounds like you are set.