Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girlfriend's Birthday coming round the corner.

     One of my e-buddy's birthdays is coming up next month and I just cannot believe that another year has come and gone ?I just had to show you my fantastic storage for my fabric - A nice big trash can because a trash can holds more and costs less. I definitely have to have somewhere to put it airtight to keep critter hairs from claiming it as theirs or the wild mice from stealing it for their beds. Many years ago I had some material that I kept in boxes , like Mama did - but Mama did not tell me that mice would destroy fabric and I learned that the hard way when some neighbors moved out of a rented house below us ! I had fabric upstairs and I had just put apples down in the unfinished basement. I did not even know the neighbors had moved until I went down stairs to the basement for some potatoes and it was the most awful mess. Apples were everywhere and everything was a sticky mess- I was bumfuzzled until DH figured it out. It was rats that got the apples and it was mice that got the fabric. GRRRR! So, at least now I have trash cans and I keep my hard earned fabric. LOL

     If you look behind the trash can you can see "Miss Rosie" - the sewing cat  and she is hoping I will leave the room so she can INSPECT the fabric and she is the only cat I have ever met who can make it snow with her fur.

     Decisions, Decisions????? First it took me a while to decide which fabric to use - so I attempted to look up the colors that I had made for her in the last 5 years - trying hard not to repeat myself because there is just too many things out there to do the same thing over and over.

     This pattern was one of the first few that I latched onto . It was at a little country fabric store and she had placed all of her used patterns up for sale .It turned out to be the best deal I ever got because I just love it. This was my first time trying to figure our how to keep multi-sizes??? I knew I would need all of them because for the folks that I make it for - are all of the sizes. So, being my first time - I bout some 1.00/yd thin stuff , but it has been perfect for saving my pattern in all the different sizes.

     Here is the second color I have chosen. I have learned something since I started blogging - it is kinda like a diary  and when doing pictures of your projects  it seems to help me pay better attention? For instance I now know that cutting out projects is my Least favorite part of the job!!!!!!!!!! I really do hate that part!


     This pattern only came with short sleeves and I need long sleeves for now , so I am attempting to add to the short sleeves  to have long sleeves.

     Ok, this looks like a sleeve - I will know more when I get around to this part because this one will be for me

     Well I have made some progress. Another thing I have learned is that it takes more time than I thought to complete a project. By the time I figure out who or what I want to do - then pick out the fabric - then hunt a design- THEN embroider the design- and finally work my way through the "sewing process" - it can usually take me 3 to 5 days? But then that is counting cooking , cleaning , laundry , ect. and attempting to keep DH fed. Each day that I can sew - I feel like  my soul has been fed.
     Another thing that I have learned is that an idea pops into my head now - I put up a clipboard so I can jot the idea down before I loose it. That is helping me stay a little more on track. Before when I finished a project I would be at a loss for what my next project would be. But so far this year - the clipboard has been such a big help. That seems so funny to me - the fact that I just die wanting to get a project finished so I could be at a loss for what to tackle next??? We humans are such funny creatures.

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