Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays are killers!

     Well, it has been one of those days when time flys by in the wink of an eye! I really hate those kind of days because I just get a little older so much faster. ~smile~ I can remember when I was little and my Dad would sit out on the front porch and watch the traffic most of the day. Then he would come in and eat supper and get ready for  bed and I would always hear him say, "It's been such a long old day". LOL There have been very few long days for me in this lifetime. It just keeps on  scooting down the road .
     Our snow is slowly leaving here in Va. and I think everyone is so glad
     I have decided what my next 3 projects are to be . I have a girlfriend who lets me yack my head off any time I need to and she will have a birthday next month so I better get ready . I make her some oversized tee shirts and since I will be making her two - I thought I would reward me by making me one also. I really love that pattern! I have the fabric in my stash and I am looking for the "perfect design " for a"perfect friend" ~smile~
     I am hoping to find something to do with cats and - or- friends??? I have already spent 2 hours searching ????? I am "on the hunt" - just like a cat! LOL  Wish I knew how to digitize designs and that way I could make them the way I want them! But since we had that car wreck - it is very difficult for me to learn anything new - hard enough to retain what I barely can hang onto.
     Well, I better go hop into bed and try to get some sleep so I can work on it more tomorrow, hopefully! It truly amazes me that when I am going to bed - my friends down under- are just getting up and starting their day!Also the fact that while we are having snow -my friends are having heat!  Life is so amazing and the older I get -the more amazing it becomes. 
     Thank you , my friends for sharing this journey with me!

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