Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday already? But for New Zealand it is Saturday !!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe it is Friday already and another day is almost gone - matter of fact already gone for some. But , for me - I have made progress. This is one of the shirts I made for my friend and I am happy with it. I believe it would be a 4 X and I really enjoyed working with this piece of fabric. It is a piece of knit and it has kind of a  slick finish to it that feels nice against your skin. 

     This is a close up of the embroidery design that I selected for this project. I really do think it is cute -but this is the one that I got mad at for not staying in the outline correctly. But since it is kinda comical to begin with -the mess up seems like part of the picture, so it is not a total loss.
     All in all - I am fairly satisfied with this project and it makes me smile because of its whimsical nature. But also because she is the type of friend who is an artist herself and she knows how much work that it takes. She will brag on me for doing it (which I dearly love because not everybody does) and I am honored that I make her happy.To me this is a win-win situation - isn't having friends so much fun????? :)   :)

     Our weather here in Va. was really decent today. We still have snow and ice ,but with the sun shining it is starting to  melt a little everywhere. There is a plentiful supple of mud and my floors hate that , but that comes with "being human" I believe.
     I would like to believe that everybody has had a wonderful day .
Hugs to all.


  1. It's saturday night here now... and I am sunburnt from swimming at the beach all day! *smiles*... na na nah nah! lol
    Oh and cute design I must say, would be even better with DOGS. I love dogs. Cats... Pffffft.

  2. The designs are so cute! That is a lovely coloru for that top!