Friday, February 26, 2010

DH 's third birthday shirt

I know you cannot see it very well - but I am starting at the shoulders. I was having problems deciding which side was right and which was not??? 

I have made it as far as hemming the bottom and also the sleeves . No matter how often I do this part I always have problems pulling this off ! Must be my "drunk " sewing ! But I do keep trying . :)

Hummmm? I am getting there! This year car was DH's second car and he was in the process of teaching me to drive! He took me to a dirt road that ambled through some fields , but there were TWO cattle-guards that we had to go over. The first one was great, but the second one I got too close and scratched the side of his car. Since he was in "good boy" mode he didn't seem to be bothered at all. I was the one who hated that I did it . He took me home and the next day when he was driving to his work place - a lady backed out  and right INTO the whole side that I had scratched and it totaled his car. !!!!

Here is a close-up of the design and I really do appreciate it because I seem to have problems coming up with Guy presents - you know - DH, grandson's , friends - ect???? So, when I discover a way to go - it always pleases me.

It is cold here in VA. today - but that is mainly because of the wind that is trying to blow away the house.We will have a fairly mild week -except for Tues, when it will be either rain or snow - depending on the temperature??? One of those cases to just wait and see.

I became a great grandmother this week, a little girl named Peyton Grace . Where does time go to???? It just seems to fly to me. I had a wonderful day because I got to sew and create something!  :)

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