Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miffed !!!

When DH went to see our oldest son this morning I flew to the sewing room, as he went out the driveway. I had washed up the white knit fabric to fix the shrinkage  problem, so I grabbed them out of the dryer and away I go. LOL

 I was trying to be "sneaky" because DH has a birthday coming up in April and he is so darn "nosey" that I have a hard time trying to get anything over on him -especially since I have not driven since that wreck a year ago. It was not such a problem when I was driving and could  always hide stuff in the car until he was not in the house to sneak it in.

This was my first piece of white knit that I went right to work on  - cutting the shirts out for him and making sure that I was cutting the correct size.I worked diligently  through the morning -trying to be SO careful not to mess up. He very seldom leaves the house without me , so this opportunity does not come very often.

I have discovered that the one part of a project that I REALLY  REALLY  dislike is cutting out the project! I really try to be concentrating so I don't waste material. I guess that is why it takes me so long to get through that part of the project. And - if you do not get through this part - ???? You are just up the creek without a paddle , as the old folks say!.

     It doesn't show up very good but I am cutting out a long sleeve shirt for my brother-in-law so I can let that one "hang out " to be the one I am working on for him to see. So, this time and this fabric is very special to me. I almost get way-laid because I know that sometimes it takes hours to find the design I want? And I definitely did not have hours. To my delight I realized that I had 3 designs that I had found during my Christmas rush to make him something with and I actually knew where I had filed those 3 designs! YEA!

So, I am off and running as I hook the embroidery machine to the computer and download the first design which is a sheltie dog design. That was because last summer when we were walking at the park he would always take Dixie Doodle the little female. He got sOOO many nice comments from other walkers that he decided he had fun meeting new dog people. They actually became like a "second family" to us .

I load up the thread to get started and off it goes . HUMMM? It does not take very many stitches for me to realize I was going to have trouble. I had heard other people mention that they had problems with the designs from Embroider Library because they have a tendency to be too dense. YEA - dense is just a kind description as the brown is now thick as my dogs normal coat is and the knit is starting to pucker up all over the  place .Well , my heart is starting to sink as I wonder what to do??? I decide to write a friend who embroiders also and see what she can offer? But just as I hit the send button to send my plea for help and the machine gives a yank and the whole project is yanked up and out of the hoop!!!!!!!!!! Well Phoo!

Just looking at it breaks my heart. There is now no way that I know to salvage it. I didn't have enough of that piece of fabric to cut out another front ??? I need to just walk off and leave it and regroup. It has been a long time since I have had a mess-up , so I really need to just count my blessings and give myself a little space . It doesn't help that two of my teeth are hurting? I went to my dentist about 4 months ago and she told me to just leave it alone for now. I explained that I had cracked it while eating popcorn but she said it was just a shallow filling and I should leave it alone. SO , what do you do??? Now it hurts a lot and one of my front teeth is hurting also and I broke one of my front teeth on the other side. I guess I am kinda falling apart and some of our dentists are so money crazy that they don't care about the health of their patients because by now I have seen 3 dentists who have no answers for me.The last one said he could not save the tooth and it would cost 400.00 to Pull one tooth and would not offer me any information about choices I could make. So, I just paid my 55.00 for him to tell me that and left. It is kind of aggravating because about once every two weeks we receive a card in the mail with HIS smiling face saying how he wants to be our dentist and how nice he is. Doesn't seem that way to me.Guess it is time to get over my pitty party . O shoot - DH is home!  Gotta hide my treasures.

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  1. OH DEAR... how sad .. I hope you can fix it or get more of that material?
    And gee whizz I hope your teeth are not still hurting?