Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little progress??

     It was a lovely day - even with cold winds beating you ! After breakfast and the  mess cleaned up I escaped to the sewing room . Since I had cut them out yesterday - today would be the day to do the embroidery work on them. This was the last project and it will be mine. I have had this kitty face for quiet a while , but never had the opportunity to use it ???? So, I gambled on how it will turn out?

     These will be the two shirts for my "bud". The lavender one came along nicely and it has a Celtic design and says, " Friendship is a knot tied by angel's hands. And I picked a butterfly to go with it because to me friendships transform individuals as Butterflies are transformations.
     Now the green one is a "Different story"! I loved the fabric and I loved the design of the kitties and I added the quote , To Each  His Own -BUT ! when it came to the final part of the design where it outlines every thing - the dumb thing took off like a drunk person , not following the design like it is suppose to! I paused and restarted it several times until it finally started acting like it was suppose to. GRRR! I had to fuss at someone - so I said how wonderful it is to have sewing and embroidery machine MECHANICS who are so honest and do such good work!!! Because that was one of the reasons I sent it to the shop! The other reason was the sound like swords clashing together - which it did again too as it also cut the threads where it was not suppose to! GRRR! My DH asked me if I was going to take it back to the shop and I told him most definitely NOT! I will keep struggling along for now , but I will definitely not take it back to the first shop and have to wait three months to get it returned and have the same problems as it started out with.
I really do love my machine because of the ability to connect to the internet to download the designs , but I wonder if I am the only one who has problems with this Brother PE-700II  . Maybe since this is a fairly new model there are bugs that need to be fixed???? Hopefully some "bug" and not just me being "buggy"!:)
     Then DH came in and his chainsaw was broken. Darn it - we have to have a chainsaw because we use wood heat. Off we go to a local chain saw dealer who had some decent used saws .The one that DH had wanted was gone , but there was another one , which we got. I really like purchasing from the small dealers instead of the "big box" companies because I believe it is healthy for there to be competition . This gentleman has been there almost as long as I can remember, so he is really knowledgeable
     On the way home we had dark clouds and really pretty snowflakes ! Especially Pretty because they were not calling for anything that snow flakes . I do love watching the show .  It is so magical to admire the beauty -each snowflake is different and you can look at it from different positions and it reminds me of a kaleidoscope - where you twist it and turn it and you always get a different picture , kinda like our lives -where each day is a new adventure.

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  1. snowflakes... oh my gawd I would love to be there right now! I would roll around in that snow... it is so hot and humid here right now it's almost unbearable.
    Cool sewing work!