Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicken Apron

I know! You've seen it before!! Well, yes and no. I did post one a while back but at the same time I cut out all the pieces for a second apron. But I do believe that this one was bad karma for some terrible wrong I mistakenly did Because , anything and everything that you could do wrong - I did with this project!!

 I started out by pinning the front to the back lining and everything was looking good. Number one mistake was realizing that I needed to insert the ties inside the two pieces so everything would be attached at one time. I did remedy that delima  by taking the time to take it apart and insert all the ties inside -attempting to keep my ties straight.
Number two mistake was when I started to sew up the first side seam - only to notice that each stitch was making the two layers of fabric rub against each other and end up with one side longer than the other. GRRRR!  It seemed no mater how desperately I wanted everything to work perfectly - the worse everything was going.

I next took my seam ripper and took both side seams apart . My next venue of attack was to remove my regular machine foot and reinstall my old faithful ''walking foot"! It really did help me tremendously. Next I clipped all my corners to make it come to a nice point at the corners. I turned everything right side out  and took my iron to it to set the stitches so I could do my top stitching.

After making my round of top stitches all around the apron I decided that a second row would help show off the design - so I started off again  - only to realize when I had finished that the two rows of stitching had a little puckering going on -like two rows of traffic not playing right! GRRRRR.

It seems the harder I desire every project to come out perfect - I always find myself in a battle with the forces of sewing. My heart pounds with the desire to sew perfect gifts for one and all - but my skill and talent has a lot to be desired. But, I will keep up the battle and hope that I will improve with time because it means so much to me.

This is a  link to a pretty blog with some lovely quilts. A lot of you make beautiful masterpieces of fabrics.

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