Monday, November 23, 2009

Daughter-in-law's lounge pants

I have a beautiful young lady for my second daughter-in-law. We work so hard to raise your precious babies and watch them go off into the brave new world . They usually meet someone and take flight on a life of their own. Marriage can be a beautiful , precious gift that a couple can share if they guard their love and take time to fan the flames and not get bogged down .

When I found the pink butterflies -even though I know that green is her favorite color - I could not help but think of the transformation we all make and wished that she could see that she has transformed from a beautiful young lady into a beautiful young bride and a married lady who takes care of my youngest son. I wish I could guarantee that they would have a perfect life together , but I know that is out of my hands and thy must walk their own path and discover their own adventures. Maybe it helps to have others around you to remind you that you are loved?
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  1. I love the purple is just gorgeous!