Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brother-in-law lounge pants

This project had more lessons for me . I was at JoAnn's fabric store on the search for cheap fabric and I had looked all over. I had coupons for half price but the fabrics I liked for lounge pants were already discounted for the sale and I could not use my coupon on anything unless it was its normal price. I had already looked through the discounted shelves and as I was about to give up I spotted a table by itself with fabrics piled upon it. I went over and started digging my way to the bottom of the pile and spotted this piece of flannel. I was unforsure if anybody in our family rooted for this race car driver , but since the fabric was very nice I decided to go for it. I thought since it did not look "girly" then it should not offend a fellow.

I decided to work on it for my brother-in-law . I had washed it and ran it through the dryer so to hopefully help with any shrinkage. I laid it out and ironed it and then figured out which pieces of the puzzle I would need. I was trying to think ahead so I divided it in half and when I laid my pattern pieces out I  was short by half a yard. I was very upset by then because I was happy I had figured out something for a man. So, I went ahead and cut it out and I did not waste an inch. I got lucky and by using a small seam and by serging the bottom of the legs -and not using my knife to cut any off - and by not putting ANY hem in I was able to make them the right length. I am just hoping he will not notice.  Hope, hope, hope!

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