Friday, November 6, 2009

Doggie checkbook cover.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes along the way that there is just TOO much life crammed into Too little day????????????? I can't figure out IF it is because we get older and the hourglass sand runs faster  -OR- if we just have too many irons in the fire.

It can be pretty amazing how we start out with a plan for a day and then pooy - it takes on a life of its own and takes a whole different path.?????

My day started out taking one of my "furbaby pooches" to the doctor  and hubby running down a friend to cut some kind of hole in metal for our new ducting in the new heat system he is working on so we will have heat in each room of our little house. We thought we had got our act together -the plan was for him to go hunting and me to sew. Right !

A very dear friend called us and asked hubby if he could come over and cut up a tree that had fallen on her garage. This is one of my very dear friends that is one of the greatest ladies on the face of the earth. She will be 90 her birthday and I would do almost anything in my power to come to her aid. We loaded up and hubby got his chainsaw and we spent the major part of the evening cutting up this tree and stacking it on our little truck. We took one load back to our home and put the brush off in a gully and then loaded up our little trailer and took off again. It is about a 45minute drive and we managed to get back and get the brush loaded on the trailer and some branchs filled the truck bed. -before it got dark. I was so tired I could barely wiggle and home was a "wonderful site for my eyes".

I told hubby that I must be part "HOMING PIGEON" because all I wanted was to be able to BE HOME! I have always been that way - I love home . I always told hubby that I knew I was so blessed to have a home to go to and I loved to stay home and just enjoy my blessings.

One time I was working at a little grocery store on the night shift . I had finished work and headed home . For some reason I was speeding a tad bit and  policeman pulled me over and asked what was my hurry(I was running 40 in a 35) . I told him I had just got off from work and was in a hurry to go home and I just did not pay attention. He laughed at me and said he had seen people speed to get to work on time -
BUT - he had never seen anybody speed to get home?????? So, he was kind enough to let me off with a nice warning and I always did better after that. !

This little cover will be a Christmas present for my animal control buddy. She is one of the greatest people ! She loves animals dearly and tries to look out for them and she has been my guardian angels. At the time I met her I had dairy goats that I loved dearly. A neighbor had moved out of our little community and had left 3 Big dogs to starve to death! GRRRR! They got so hungry that they came to our pasture and ran down my dearly beloved ancient goat who was about 15 years old . They ran her down a hill and turned her upside down and was eating her insides as she screamed and cried. I was heart-broken and tried to run them off with a tree limb , but they had tasted blood and they turned on me . I had my baby granddaughter with me , who was 2 and I headed to the phone to call for help. By the time she arrived I was almost hysterical and a complete babbeling idiot. It was a total nightmare for me and she swooped in and took care of all of us . Times like that , when a friend puts their life on the line for you - that is what I call a real angel.

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  1. I love the checkbook cover, as I love dogs, and I have a border collie. It is stunning!