Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Youngest son lounge pants

My youngest son (age 26) has Always loved camouflage anything. So when I found this piece of knit fabric I knew whose name would be on it. It is nice and warm so he will be able to wear it when he hopes out of the shower -OR - he could wear it under his work clothes as insulation when he has to work in 0 weather.

Chris from Diet Coke Rocks mentioned that maybe she should make some lounge pants for her and I thought great - the only problem I have is fixing the hole that the cord comes out of . I did not like how the pattern said to handle it so I changed it out to using a button hole which made it stronger. My daughter - in - law came up and we worked on her some and when she went home she decided to use grommets and they look nice like that also and are VERY sturdy. : check this out - she is having a fabric hop  and it looks like fun. Wish I could win something , but I just don't have any luck that way. Maybe I should fly to Ireland to shake hands with Micky , from The Irish Muses - she sure does have the "LUCK of the IRISH! Maybe her luck would rub off on me. LOL O well, I have had wonderful Luck making such great friends on the internet and I am blessed for that.

Happy stitches to one and all.

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  1. Fat chance I'm going to get the time to make myself some pants! Pfffffft.
    I'm flat out making bags, and christmas stuff!
    My pants will have to wait!
    Have you rung that freaking sewing machine man yet??? Nag the shit outta him....