Friday, November 27, 2009

A Win-Win situtation!

our guardian angels just look out for us! I had a pair of slacks that were knit, but warm and toasty. I had gone looking for a fabric that resembled it - since I had no idea what the mixture was? I ran across this piece of green and I had a new pattern (new to me - from the thrift store) . I had never tried it out up till now and I know we are suppose to make a muslin to test the patten, but I Hate to waste a piece of fabric. I figure If I make and it turns out - I get lucky - and that will save me some fabric. So this time I just took off and did it. Sometimes I just get SO lost in time and effort and this was one of those times. After I finished it - I had my doubts? But I really got lucky - it was not the right size for me - BUT- it was the perfect size for my sister-in-law !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea - one Christmas present - snuck in by fate! LOL

I was doing some research today and ended up with a couple of neat links. Sometimes I wish I had talent - like you quilters do because with quilting you can also do other projects too - so to me , in some cases it is like you are able to create beautiful fabric to do with -anything you desire. So let me share:

And This One"

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