Monday, November 16, 2009

India's lounge pants-2009

 This is a set of lounge pants that I made for my best friend's daughter , who is in college. I thought it would be something nice and warm to wear at her apartment that she shares with her best friend. She is very "outdoors" motivated. She has taken some amazing trips out in the wilderness with her class. She also works in our state park each summer and she likes to find ways to "share her love" of the out doors with other young people. She is a very talented young woman and I am very proud to know her. I am going to make a tan shirt to go with it and embroider an owl on it to go with her other wild-life on the pants.

Our weather here in VA. was so beautiful today. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60"s . IF ONLY our entire winter could stay like this - I would be a very happy camper!

Many happy stitches to all.

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  1. 'Lounge pants' now there's an IDEA for me! They sure look nice and comfy.