Friday, November 13, 2009

Butterfly laptop sleeve

 This was my first attempt when working with the laptop idea. Pros and cons, Pros was the fact that I really liked the butterfly design because butterflies morph into other forms and we humans with out tech. pour into these studies and we morph as we learn . The cons was the fact that when I sewed the lining into the bag  I somehow ended up with a lump right in the front of the bag. I was so miffed at that because it would have been almost perfect. I keep reaching for perfection, but falling far from my goal.

I found this site today and it is really interesting so I hope to find time to go back and spend some more time there. I do believe that is one of my problems with this time of year. I start running low on fresh ideas and when I start searching I have a tendency to get lost on different paths along the way. That is one of the things I really enjoy here in "Blogland" with you guys - I have the comfortable feeling that anytime I want to hope over to a friend's house to visit and gain ideas that your doors are always open and I am welcome - as it is here with me! I don't have that feeling here in the "real world" because everyone is SOOO busy just trying to keep up with life - they can't always have time for their friends and families. So - Thank you - one and all - for sharing your world and ideas with me!
Happy Holidays!

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