Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hummingbird Laptop sleeve

You know how it is - we are all searching for the perfect gift for someone. I ran across this idea because of a conversation about laptop sleeves. My sister-in-law does have a nice laptop but after I did this one I discovered it was the wrong size for hers. I also discovered there were a LOT of different sizes of these jokers!

STill the experience was very educational . It taught me several different things - like - how to open a shop on Etsy and how to Never sell anything . I am beginning to think I am cursed somehow. I have heard others say that they could make things to give away , but ask for a penny for it and woe is you! LOL

I have had fun visiting another blog : She has a cute "Purse Thingy" that I really like - it looks like just what my granddaughter would enjoy and use.

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