Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friends Checkbook cover

I am really starting to enjoy working with these checkbook covers. As I get more relaxed and not so scared I will mess up -the process is more enjoyable. The fabric for this one was in a little stash that I had found at a big yard sale several years ago. It was not big enough to do any project very large , yet it was too cute to not find something cute to do with it.  These little people make me think back to when my Mama got me started making a Dutch Girl quilt top. What a treasured memory that is.

Sometimes I ponder why our lives have to go so fast???? The "hurrieder I go - the faster I fall behind" sure can be true for me???

For those of us that are "facing Old Man Winter" - I ran across this nice idea for a draft blocker and thought you might enjoy a "gander" at it .


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