Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rosie the sewing cat and I - are stuck!

This is Rosie the sewing cat who rules the sewing room and right now I just wish she could help me come up with a Plan. Christmas is flying towards me and my embroidery machine has been in the shop 6 weeks! SIX WEEKS! and I am losing my mind! I have the cutting table piled with projects to work on that need to be emboidered.

At least Rosie has found a good use for my embroidery machine's carrying case - she keeps it nice and warm so it won't feel like it is not appreciated. I REALLY hate to get STUCK! It is as bad as being sick! Where are all of my wonderful ideas and inspirations? Gone, gone with my machine. 

I wish I knew what you guys do when you get "stuck"????? How do you search for inspiration?
Well, at least Rosie has the right idea??? Maybe after she finishes her nap - she will have an idea for me. LOL

Have a great day ! To One and ALL!

1 comment:

  1. Can you borrow a machine?
    I am without mine again.. hope to get it back tomorrow!
    *sigh*.... and I hope it goes properly.
    I can't help you with being stuck... poor you!