Saturday, November 28, 2009

Try Again?

 After realizing I had not considered all my facts - I regrouped and this is the new pattern for my hubby's hands that were burnt in an explosion back in 72. The right hand is the lesser scared and the thumb and forfinger work the best  - so this is the hand that the pattern with the "trigger finger" works best for. I must have got lost in my thoughts and just accept that most people have two hands that make a matching pair.

His left hand is the one that is crippled and fingers are drawn  back to his palm - so I am hoping the regular mitten form will be useful. These were my first drafts and while I was getting more satisfied - something was still a little off.

This is my collection of scrap pieces of knit that my gloves are being cut from. I take the remnants and clip them into small pieces so I can add them to my collection for my doggie pillow .


I am getting quiet a collection. I wish I could have used the same material for all of the gloves -OR - at least fo each pair to match. When he buys the plain brown workers gloves - they always wear out within a weeks time. I wish I could just screw off his hands and borrow them to see how these will fit . I guess I will just have to wait and see on Christmas.

I would like to have time to iron them all to help set the stitches , but with a husband that can "smell" Christmas a mile away - I am working on being sly. (LOL - I hope)

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  1. see you can live without an embroidery machine......