Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Allen's lounge pants

Up and on - this is a pair of young men's lounge pants for one of my grandson's . I have so much trouble finding fabrics for men and boys that are in a price range I can afford. So many times as you drool over wonderful fabrics that you would really like to play with -in the end it makes your project so expensive that it is just cheaper to go buy it from the store and save yourself all that work. I know - I have heard it from a friend - you get what you pay for . But it is really difficult to be able to afford what you would like to on a wee budget??? I wish I had a "fabric fairy" who would just flick her wand and hand it to me all pre-washed and ready. Well, while I am wishing - I might as well wish BIG!

Time is getting away from me and flying away and Christmas is getting closer everyday. I did call about my embroidery machine today because it has now been 6 weeks that I have endured without it. (If they would give you a "loaner" it would be different) His helped did tell me that he had looked at it and it was hopeful that he MIGHT call at the end of the week.Be still , my beating heart. I am trying so hard to be patient- but I am already on the verge of getting depressed because I see me not getting all my Christmas presents made.

On a lighter note here is a fabric store for you quilters. I have Never seen such a variety of fabrics and from my source it is suppose to be good quality. ;http://www.equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_main.html?sid=31U9Hz2ENHKS22P-19109474978.83

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment.
    You are right!
    I started putting some decorations on my tree just NOW!
    I have never ever felt like doing my Christmas tree before..it's something I hate doing usually and put off till just a couple of days before Christmas!
    So it's rather amazing I am feeling like this... and I am going to ENJOY doing our tree.. and drag it out over several days too! *smiles*
    Now as for your machine... what the hell has he been doing with it for 6 friggin weeks! Just looking at it? The A#@$&ole!
    Ring him EVERY day until you get it sorted... or take it somewhere else! Or is he the only person who can fix it???