Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walt Disney checkbook cover

 I wonder how many people love Walt Disney anything? I remember that I always loved the man , Walt Disney and how he tried to make people be happy. I always thought that was a special ability .

My dear daughter-in-law #1 loves Micky Mouse . My son bought her a Micky Mouse watch one time and it has seen some real wear and enjoyment.

Since Christmas is flying at us - I wanted something small that would make her smile. So , I decided to attempt her a Disney Theme checkbook cover. Really , I cheated - I took her to the fabric department with me and told her to pick out a piece of fabric that when she looked at it - it made her feel so good and this was the piece she picked. So, I am really hoping she will be pleased on Christmas.


  1. Warner Bros. is good too. One of my daughters is a huge fan of Marvin the Martian. In fact, she has a small tatoo of him on the back of her shoulder. When she was a teenager, every birthday or Christmas she would receive something Marvin. A cookie jar, watch, leather coat, etc. If Marvin the Martian was on it, she had to have it. LOL