Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dainelle's monkeys

This will be for my youngest granddaughter for Christmas. She likes monkeys and I love yellow, so put the two together and have a Christmas present! The fabric was REALLY nice and soft and I enjoyed just letting it run through my fingers while sewing it. I am getting decent at using one of those kits called "FAST TURN'  to make the ties for these pants. They look like small copper tubes and a little wire hook that you push the tube down into your fabric tube and then insert the little wire rod down into the tube - catch your piece of fabric and gently tug and it will follow your wire right back and be turned right side out. VERY neat - the things we can learn and the people who invent these things.

I ran across this link today and it is a lady's alternative use for wrapping presents and use up some of your stash too. I thought it was really pretty. I would enjoy it as much as something put inside of it. You "quilters' are so talented. 


  1. Cute Monkey pants...I bet they are for a cute monkey too!

  2. NOW they are lovely and bright!