Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lounge pants for Hubby

We have a wonderful country fabric store that is located in a pottery and they are so fair on their prices . This just happened to be a piece that I ran across and made for my hubby for Christmas. Last year I made him his first pair that he had ever had. He really enjoys them after he comes in and plops in front of the tv. He told me that If I would have said they were PJ'S  he would never have worn them , but this way he has practically lived in them - you know how most of our guys LOVE their televisions!!!!!!!!!!! This flannel is quiet different from the pair last year - the one last year was quiet heavy  , but this pair is kinda thin. I will be curious to see if he notices and IF he says anything???? I made a mistake last night on the hop contest - this is the correct location.

1 comment:

  1. WHEN I finally get around to making myself some of those pants I am using a lightish cotton materail... so they don't look like Pyjama pants!