Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mens Bi-Fold Wallet

It seems I always have trouble with gifts for the guys at Christmas! So, I found this project at:
and I decided to go for it with the "teenage friendly" wild fabric choices. I did have great fun with this project and only pulled a few hairs out when it came to putting that bias around the project. I ended up putting a few dollars in each purse and seemed to satisfy each grandson with something different.

Well, let's just say it went over better than the year I made them "ROCKS" out of flour and they looked at the rocks and at me and time stood still! LOL Little did they know that I had inserted money in their rocks and I did not tell them so I wondered how long it took for them to figure it out.


  1. Great wallets and I love the rock idea. How clever.

  2. Great job on the wallets.They are wonderful!

  3. Love the wallets.......about the painting outside. I have painted these huge blocks that have embossed designs on them and layed them in the ground and after years of this, they still have color to them and no varnish. I will keep my gnome under the roof of the deck to keep him nice and bright..lol Char