Sunday, September 13, 2009

Babies and embroidered burp clothes?

Well, what do you do when your best friend's daughter needs a "baby gift" and you are between a rock and a hard spot - AND - don't have much time to pull one off?????

Thank goodness for some of our wonderful sewing Yahoo groups that are always so generous with their ideas? I remembered back to when my babies were small and the ONE thing that I used most -NEXT- to diapers , was burp cloths. My first baby was a projectile burper who could bomb a preacher 15 feet away and all your friends stayed a good distance away from you -with a dangerous weapon like that.

There are some of the cutest designs out there , thanks to many talented digitizers and that made it fun pulling it off. That is the one thing I totally adore about embroidery machines - you can turn a plain piece of fabric into something special - whether it be a burp cloth Or a quilt. The world is your oyster, as they used to say -but right now I could use the pearl. lol

I also got to play with my serger and decorative threads and I really like that also. What a wonderful world it is out there - to play and make pretty things for others.

That was the way I pulled it off then, but I also found this idea for a different path to take: I would like to try this too.

I did wonder if the ones I made will last as long as the ones that a friend gave me for my first baby 36 years past - and I am down to the last scrap of my last one and the memory of a wonderful friend . ~smile~


  1. These are adorable!!!
    Lucky Mama to receive such a gift!

  2. Sorry forget to say thanks for the blog visit!!
    Could not reply with email as you are set to no-reply and no email on your blog.
    Where are you at in VA????
    Today is another beautiful day here in Isle of Wight!!!