Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A very dear "virtual friend of mine is having a give-a-way and this is how it will go:                           OK.. this is how it will work:I am going to add one thing to the giveaway every day until the 10th of October, that is the 3rd Year Anniversary of me becoming a BLOGGER. You can enter on each and every day if you wish, that way you will end up with *10* chances to win everything!
If you 'advertise' my GIVEAWAY on your blog.. that will get you another entry... you will need to let me know if you do this... but you only need to do that once OK?
If you are not a 'Follower' and become one, that will get you ANOTHER chance to win! But again, you will need to let me know in a comment that you have become a follower!
I will draw the winner (only one!) on the 12th of October, that gives everyone on the other side of the world time to enter!
DAY ONE: this cute New Zealand carry bag :

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  1. HA HA HA! Thanks for the plug... you get a pat on the back! Oh and another chance to win of course! Don't forget to come on over and leave a comment .....or 10!