Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Burp Cloths

Aaaaah! Just the word "baby" brings back the memory of small angels who come into your life bringing wonderful sweet new smells , lots of hugs and kisses and NO SLEEP for the next few years of your life! The memory that you will never be waited on first for a VERY LONG time in your life - if ever??? Lots of nights spent rocking and cuddling until you think your arms will fall off OR you will fall asleep first and drop your little bundle of joy into the floor! Or dressing them up as cute as can be to take them to church only to have them projectile upchuck all over the preacher and his wife - UNTIL- all humans learn to holler Hi, or By to you from a great distance. The great joys of teething and colic and baby shots where they run temperatures of 103 and turn your hair grey with worry. Our greatest treasures are ALWAYS needing something that you cannot plan on - love -food - clothes - school projects? All the struggles you tackle to keep your little bundle afloat until they turn 13 and all of a sudden they do not even know who you are and they have to turn a hundred to realize how smart you really might have been???? LOL

Yes, the joys of embarking on Motherhood? That was the quest of my best friends young daughter and all these memories ran through my head. I am really glad it is dedicated to the younger folks because I just do not have enough strength and energy to tackle such a monumental occupation once again. It is definitely the greatest job you will ever love!

So I pondered what would be something the young mother could use and of course Many burp clothes popped into my head from my memory of the projectile upchucking in my past and I went to work on a project I had never tackled before. My thought being that maybe hers would last as long as some of mine from 36 years past that I still use to dust and clean with- Nothing like a great diaper - except for maybe a great story! lol

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  1. Babies are cute, what they turn into.. is NOT.
    And just where is the book that tells you THAT?
    Ohhhhh.... after 8 of them I don't want any more! PLEASE!!!!