Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nurses and Totes

It all started because I have a friend , who is now my neighbor - that I went to school with . She was the sweetest little girl and ALL she ever wanted to be - was a Nurse. I mean she knew this from the time we hit first grade together. She never wavered in her passion! By the time we hit high school she was already working in our local hospital as a "candy stripper" . By the time we graduated high school she was on her way to nursing school and I was following my dream of working for a veterinarian and following my passion for working with animals.

I always admired her passion. I don't think I saw her until years later when I ended up at our emergency room with pneumonia and Patty was the head nurse. She was like an angel to me and I never forgot her kindness. Then a few years later she moved out to the country and into a house just down the road from me. It was such a blessing to have a school mate close to me although we still hardly ever get to see each other. But it seemed like our school friendship just took off like it had never been sidetracked all those years and when they asked us to house-sit for them while they were gone on vacation - I was honored because I loved her animals like they were my own and she paid us very generously. I wanted to show her how much I appreciated all she had ever done to help me and my first idea was a small tote bag that she could use to carry her lunch and since she was a nurse I could customize it with cute embroidery. Then I got carried away and made several so she could carry other "stuff" or she would have them as gifts for her nursing staff .

It is indeed my honor to have such a wonderful friend and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished with her life and the long hard hours that she has put into "molding her career" and taking care of others.

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  1. Special friends deserve special wee things! Your sewing/embroidery is lovely.