Friday, September 18, 2009

Birdcage cover.

I sure wish my "math" skills were better tonight. I had to make a birdcage cover for my sister-in-law . I had already made one for her granddaughter and did a pretty decent job of it, so I did not think I would muff it up too badly. The only problem is I got so tired. There just is not enough hours in a day for me ! I had spent most of the day cleaning house and doing laundry -getting ready for my sister-in-law's visit tomorrow . Cleaning house is such a mystery to me? When I was young and first married and worked 6 days a week I always took that one day off and cleaned our mobil home and in one day I could pretty well clean it from top to bottom and get ready for the next week. But NOW that I am older - IF I can get one room cleaned in a day - I am doing good - and I hate that. If I could clean one room a day and take a day off on Sunday I would just have to start all over again the next week??? But I do realize that I do not have as much lifetime left as I started out with and I dream of doing more than just cleaning house - although I do wish I could keep a clean house????????? Yea right - with dogs and cats and birds and chickens and a donkey and sheep and a husband - well you know how that goes. Then you throw in cooking two or three meals a day and cleaning up the mess - it leaves very little time for my "sewing love and creativity" .

So back to the cage cover and being really tired - I am not really a math whiz and I measured her cage and added to it to allow for seams and enough room to handle it - But as you can see - it is REALLY a snug fit. I was kinda hoping that Maybe it would stretch a little bit with time and use???  If it does not I will offer to rework it. I am just too pooped and still have a gazillion things to do . If only I did not have to eat and sleep - I would do so much better and accomplish so much more. It is something about this "being human thing" that makes it tough to accomplish everything I would like! LOL

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  1. Best dressed bird in town tho'.
    What kind of bird is under there?