Sunday, September 6, 2009

Granddaughters can surprise you

I have a granddaughter who loves lavender and for some reason she also loves kola bears. It just puzzles me why kola bears - she has never met one in real life and we certainly do not have any kola bears in our back yards over here???????Maybe for some reason I do not understand - they just call to her. One time I was pondering a very deep quandry as I was driving down the road. It just seemed I could not wrestle an answer that suited me. As I drove I started to notice monster sized Hawks sitting on the fence posts , about every fence post each one mile marker for the next 30 miles. My rational mind knew this just could not exist - and I started to research and ran across the theory of "Animal Spirit Guides". I went on a search to understand and the message I received was perfect for my decision. That was the time I started to realize that all things in life are not just plain Black and White for all people.

So now that I have pondered my granddaughter - I did look up the spirit guide animal and this was some of the quialities of the kola bear:Koala's Wisdom Includes:
Ability to climb over obstacles
Recognizing the value of slow movement
Ability to remain above the fray
The power of yoga
Helpful advice giver

I guess I will just have to live and let life work out its own mysteries while I just try to offer love.

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  1. Tell that granddaughter of yours that if she had a Koala Bear in her arms she wouldn't think they were so cute! They STINK to high heaven of urine! I held one in an Australian Zoo...Pooooo!
    Cute top you made her ! *smiles*