Friday, September 4, 2009

When your heart falls in love with a fabric?

That was what happened to me when my eyes fell upon this piece of fabric. I was smitten - that simple and no denying it. It was the same feeling like when I had fallen in love with the fabric for my purse - SO I must really be drawn to these colors , and then of course there was all these articles that were related to "SEWING". It was like running into a great friend - they just made me bubble inside with anticipation.

I could not figure it out and I have SO Far I still hope to go on my sewing journey.I would have loved a shirt , but not have that ability yet - SO I plunged in and took it to Lynne for her insight. I conned her into taking half - I mean, what sewing mentor does not Need a new piece of dreams ??? She caved in - and agreed that we both would tackle an apron. I love when she agrees to that because we really are both so different and that is what makes it so much fun. I ended up with the long apron and she did a Short apron with pockets - like opposite sides of the coin. lol I had some left over so I went for the potholders with the towel inserts (because I love those soft -easy to manipulate potholders) and the sweet pincushion that Lynne had the button and the ribbon to top it off with -like a lady with her hat. We both now had real treasures to share and the memory of a day spent the greatest way you could spend a day in my book - doing something you love with a friend. How close to heaven can you get?


  1. You can't beat a day with a good friend, and I do love the fabric! Glad that you had such fun!

  2. Your dream fabric is yummy and what a lot of goodies you have made from it now.

  3. Well done with that gorgeous fabric.