Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Horse Wallhanging

Once upon a time a great friend gave me a beautiful piece of fabric with horses on it - and Horses are one of my weaknesses. All sizes , colors , breeds and personalities - they are all magical creatures to me and it doesn't matter who they do or do not belong to. When I was a teenager the movie , The White Stallions - came to our town and my most wonderful girlfriend talked me into going to see it in our little theater. I think she lived to regret that decision because I cried most of the way through that movie and embarrassed her to death. ~smile~

Just to look into their mystical eyes and feel their soft breath on my neck always brings goose bumps to my spine. I love the deep inhale of that wonderful horsey smell and to touch that soft velvety muzzle makes my heart fly with joy. I wish they could all be treasured and have happy lives - like I wish all people could.

But back to the magical piece of fabric that fell into my lap - I was so stunned by this beautiful treasure that first I buried it deep in my stash so that Every time I needed to dig through my stash I would have to run across it and ponder what was its purpose yet to be? It always made me think of two tapestries that my Mom had bought for me 32 years now past. I still own them and they are still on the walls in two of my rooms - one being my sewing room! And every time I gaze upon them I feel my wonderful Mom's love and the love that I have for these animals.

One of my dear granddaughters had reached her teenage years and she too started liking all things horses. She had this freaky thing hanging on the wall over her bed and I heard her say one day that she did not like it and OF COURSE that bell went off in my head! I knew where my beautiful piece of fabric was intended to go for her birthday! I found the green sheet at a thrift shop and sewed both right sides together with the batting inside -turned it right side out and finished up with some pretty quilting stitches and tabs and my horses now had a new home- to a young lady who has her own dreams galloping towards her. ~smile~


  1. How lovely that after keeping that piece of fabric for so long you found the perfect use for it!
    I have one tiny piece of 'precious' material I've had for over 30 years now.. still waiting to be used on something special! I might show it tomorrow!

  2. Joe would adore that for sure, as he loves horses. I machine embroidered a horse on a red t-shirt that he has, and he just loves them.It is wonderful that you kept that fabric.