Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PJ's for Granddaughter

This is the pattern that I started with. I used flannel for the pants and a knit for the top.
I really like the shirt part because it goes together different from any other knit top I have done , up to this point. But, I think I got them too large. I am always afraid that they will be too small and figure if they are too large I can take them in OR just in case they grow as I make them several months before Christmas. I do a lot of " keeping my fingers crossed"!!!!
I embroidered a unicorn on the shirt - hoping to send my graddaughter some "magic". I think , maybe I have always believed in some "magic" in life because when we stop seeking what is pure magic - the world gets to be such a dark and dreary place. I love to see all the "little " things that are magic to me: the flash of a child's smile, the dew sparkling like diamonds, a rainbow with all its glory, the green grass in the summer that turns to brown in the Winter, living from one season to another and watching everything change, watching my flowers break open with the joy of life , the love I receive from all of my animals, the smile from one of my friends or making any of my friends (virtual or not) laugh and enjoy the day , listening to our creek bubble, watching my goldfish streak across the pond, seeing the sun get up each morning  and watching the moon come out at night? These are just a few to show that I find magic all over the place and I know that you guys do too because I believe that you have to believe in magic to be creative like you all are-we are so blessed.


  1. G'dau will be a beauty in these designer G'ma fashions. How cute.

    TY for popping over ... everything you said is perfect. Thank God for this teacher, & the principal that had the schmuck to allow this, giving these kids one heck of a lesson in history.

    Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~Marydon