Monday, August 31, 2009

Checkered flag cap

After my daughter-in-law had me work with her to make her daughter a "Checkered flag" fleece jacket my granddaughter asked me to take a small piece of fabric that was left over and make her a cap. She is a real "racing fan" , and I had to laugh because I told her Mama that at least she could find her in the store because nobody else had a jacket that stood out like that. LOL

I really did enjoy this project because it was just a very few pieces and it was so nice and soft on your skin.

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  1. Hi always startles me to see those fish swimming I used to have a few virtual pets too...
    But, as to me chosing colors and putting them together...think light and one, the brown and orange for Fall I did in the basket...even a light blue and a dark blue will be good too. but thank you for posting to me.....Char