Friday, September 25, 2009

The Magic House

This little house is magic to me - It is on a country road that we take to go to the fabric store. For many years I have been taking this same road to this little town in the mountains of Floyd, Va. and I had never seen this little house. Hubby said it was because somebody USED to park a school bus in front of it. But when we had a car wreck last year and had to travel the road each day to go to our chiropractic treatments - ALL - of a sudden this little house appeared and I fell madly in love with it. It's sweet face called to me and I had to stop and admire it. It sits at the start of the road going up to a bigger and grander house , so I was worried that the owner would be offened? Still I brought my camera and took pictures of it. I don't think they use it for anything anymore, you can see the broken window on the front, but still I love it. It gives me great dreams about Who might have built it and for what purpose they had in mind for it. Surely anybody who could create such a lovely face on a little house - must be a very special person???? I do not know anything about its history , I only know that every time we travel to my favorite fabric store I say Hello to a very dear friend who makes my day special just by being there. I bet there are many adventures that we all share - only because of FABRIC!


  1. I LOVE that little house too...thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a wonderful little house. I can imagine all the great times it's needs a little love now. Maybe now without the bus in front of it someone will take an interest.