Monday, September 7, 2009

Grandson that is a Whiz with games

One of my grandsons is a "whiz" with games. I have never seen a game beat him yet. There were times I wanted to sponsor him in some of the game contests, but never had the money to pull it off. I love to watch him work and wish my reactions were anything like his. I don't think these young people realize how nice it is to be "born" in this technological time and they just take it for granted - while us older folks struggle to play catch up - just in some of the simple things that computers do. But I am beginning to think that each generation feels that way about the younger generation.

I wanted something warm for Christmas and he likes hoodies - so I found this cute design of a computer man and his computer to make it special , just for him. lol

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  1. Linda, please send me a email from your email address so I can send you pics of these projects.....then you won't have to wait soo long...ha ha ha.....hugs, Char