Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Angel Shirt

I am still learning there is a whole world of information about knits. I wish I had someone to guide me through. And to make it even more difficult lots of fabric have No information on the ends of the bolts - it just says of mixed origin??So that leaves me with just touch and friends that allow me to create for them and then share feedback to me. It is a slow way to learn and I only have half a lifetime left to learn it in. ~smile~

This fabric was what I would call a medium weight and it had a LOT of stretch to it - so I was hoping since it was cold weather that it would make a nice shirt for this friend's birthday in March. I started with the xxxl tee shirt pattern and added my version of long sleeves - hoping all the time that I was coming up with a length that would be somewhere near correct? This feeling in the dark is rough . I enjoyed the little angel design and it was because my friends are all angels to me. I got to play around with another stitch from my sewing machine for the neckline- holding my breath once again to try and keep it from wobbling all over ! Surely - Friends- are one of our most important gifts in this life.

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